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Logo Design by LogoBee™,Inc.
LogoBee.com creates high quality logo design for all types of businesses over the world.
We have a highly creative logo design team, working to provide your company with the most unique logo design.
  All logo designs presented on this site are registered and belong to the companies they were made for.
We combine all our skills to provide you with a logo design which will portray your company's philosophy.
LogoBee's Galleries were created to demonstrate our variety of logo types which are separated by different industries.
This way you can view the logo samples from each specific industry without having to go through all the pages
of an online portfolio.
  HiTech Logo Design Engineering logo design Web2 Logo design


This is a collection of modern high tech logos. These are mostly abstract images representing cutting edge companies which portray qualities such as : speed, precision, light, digital technology...
This ensemble is related to the technological and engineering field who wish to portray such qualities as: architectural and technical design , machinery...


This group represents the latest trend in the logo design and web design technology. Multiple colors, gradients, shadows and reflections makes it a unique and interesting category by itself.

Corporate logo design Church logo design Science logo design
This collection is related to a corporate world of business - primarily banks, and other financial institutions. These logos tend to be more on the conservative and classic side.
Many churches these days require a logo design. In this collection are logos gathered from different churches and ministries. Some modern, some more traditional.
This collection of science logos is related to all kind of research companies in various different fields. Examples of some are chemical laboratories, topographical and bio-chemistry research...
Food logo design Art logo design Real Estate logo design
Restaurants, bars, food and drink production companies all require logos that tend to be more illustrative and thematic. This collection showcases some examples.
This is a collection containing logos from different art related resources: exhibitions, art galleries, studios, and collectibles...
Logos in this collection contain logos related to Real Estate business: mortgage brokers, real estate agencies, consultants...
Illustration logos Sports logo design Entertainment logo design
This collection contains logos which are more illustrative. Some examples of such are as follows : mascots, crests, characters, or detailed pictures.
This collection contains logos from different sport related organizations: teams, clubs, trainers etc...


This is one of the most creative collections. It is related to all types of entertainment companies and organizations such as:
composers, DJs, dating services, event organization services...

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